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Design office in Tychy


Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Budowlane EFEKT, established by mgr inż. Paweł Tomaszewski, has operated as an independent design company since 2002. Since its early days, the office has specialised in designing structures and civil engineering objects.

Boasting a long-time and rich experience, combined with state-of-the-art CAD software, we are a group of professionals capable of facing any challenge, even from the most demanding investors.

We hold unlimited design and execution certification in the construction sector and are certified building experts, specialising in construction and engineering, including design of structures and civil engineering objects. Our staff are highly qualified engineering professionals. We use the latest CAD software: AutoCAD, Robot, Bocad, Specbud and more.

We offer the best optimised solutions to meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness of an investment in the implementation and usage phase.

We have implemented a number of investments, such as industrial, warehouse, commercial, service, public utility and residential projects for domestic and foreign investors. We are a reliable partner who offers comprehensive and punctual design projects.

Construction and design office Efekt

ul. Albatrosów 24
43-100 Tychy

Phone  507 137 609
(32) 702 31 19
(32) 329 13 66

e-mail: bkbefekt@bkbefekt.com.pl

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